Here you can find a collection of helpful links related to the development of Self-Driving Cars. This site is still heavily under construction ;).

Self Driving Cars


  • Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree @ Udacity
    The likely best way to start your career as Self-Driving car engineer and to build a foundation of knowledge required for developing autonomous vehicles in general.The course is separated into three terms with a length of three months each, so you can finish it within about 9 months of time. You are allowed to pause between the terms (and many do, for example for holidays), but I also already met people who finished it in 8 months instead of 9.–nd013

  • Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree @ Udacity
    A really awesome 4-month course to get a first insight into the awesome world of Self-Driving cars and all the difficulties a Self-Driving car engineer has to master.–nd113




  • The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C++ from scratch
    I myself just started this course a couple of weeks ago. It has more than 55 hours of video material and more than 314 lessons. With a rating of more than 4.7 stars this is right now simply the course on the web, if you want to get lots of practical experience using C++ and handling logic in a continuous, 3 dimensional world. And next to all of this the result of all your exercises after finishing this course is an awesome portfolio.

    Important note: In case of Udemy you can for the most courses assume at least a factor 4 of the video time as time requirement to finish this course, so in this case 55 hours * 4 = 220 hours = easily two months of dedicated full time learning. As already mentioned above this is a great course if you have the time and want much experience for less money, not if you want to learn the basics of C++ quickly :).


Guided Courses

  • Krista King Math
    I “paused” *cough* high-school (meanwhile nearly twenty years ago), so I missed the final parts of Calculus (Analysis in German) which are required for basically every Deep Learning based application. As I also wanted to understand the details I needed to continue this journey and refresh the parts already learned. 
    One very often recommended way is Khan Academy where you can learn everything for free and are guided by quizzes. If how ever 30 $ a month don’t hurt you and you want awesome courses and to be guided professionally and with the possibility to ask a real human for details you should choose Krista King:

or at Udemy (no personal support, just the great videos and cheat sheets):


Linear Algebra

Machine Learning & Deep Learning




Reinforcement Learning

General Data Science 


  • Data Science A-Z @ Udemy

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