Senk ju vor … building AI … with Deutsche Bahn

Yesterday the Artificial Intelligence Meetup Frankfurt celebrated it’s first anniversary and was hosted by the Deutsche Bahn in the Silvertower in the heart of Frankfurt. I attended for the first time and was quite curious as there were more than 200 registered attendees – nearly twice as much as at the already very well developing SDC Meetups in Stuttgart.

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Connected Autonomous Driving Meetup Stuttgart

Yesterday I had the chance to participate in a Meetup for the first time – it was an awesome event in Stuttgart Vaihingen, where Bosch  and Daimler develop the urban, autonomous solutions of the future together:

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Let’s dive in! Intro to Self-Driving Cars

A detailed review of Udacity’s recently introduced Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree program

In this post, my second public blog post at all, I want to give you a detailed review of the impressions I got within the two month journey of my first Nanodegree, the “Intro to Self-Driving Cars”.

This is a new Nanodegree which has just been announced by Udacity at the end of September 2017 and started with it’s first cohort in October. It’s target is to lay a solid knowledge foundation for students who want to start a career as Engineer for Self-Driving Cars via the following Self-Driving Car Engineer degree or to just get an impression of the fascinating world of Self-Driving Cars.

As of writing a student who successfully graduates in this Nanodegree will also gain automatic admission to the “Self-Driving Car Engineer” Nanodegree for which you normally have to apply and hope first.

But for now – Let’s finally dive in!

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Welcome to my blog – Path to Level 5 – and my first public blog post.

The intention of this blog is to give others an impression about the current developments of Self-Driving cars, in which Level 5 describes the level of full autonomy in which a car needs no human intervention anymore at all, Deep Learning, a method by which computers can learn by “experience” like humans, and to document my way as Udacity student on the road to an engineer of Self-Driving cars and theirs “mind” using techniques such as Deep Learning.

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