Welcome to my blog – Path to Level 5 – and my first public blog post.

The intention of this blog is to give others an impression about the current developments of Self-Driving cars, in which Level 5 describes the level of full autonomy in which a car needs no human intervention anymore at all, Deep Learning, a method by which computers can learn by “experience” like humans, and to document my way as Udacity student on the road to an engineer of Self-Driving cars and theirs “mind” using techniques such as Deep Learning.

I’m not completely new to these topics, actually I was lead AI developer in a computer games company 17 years ago already, but comparing this would be like comparing horse riding of knights to Formula 1 racing today as it actually has nearly nothing in common anymore.

Once you (for the most parts) still needed to tell the AI nearly every detail and by which parameters and with which weightings decisions should be made.
Today you tell it the direction and provide the relevant, cleaned and normalized data (and not even that is required for simpler problems), it learns on its own by “experience” and – as Sebastian Thrun of Udacity and his team at Stanford just showed in theirsĀ skin cancer research at Nature – this often even better than doctors with many years of experience.

Our task is now to let people and the possibilities of AI work in an even better dream team together and maximizing each ones skills, be it in medicine, industry or at home.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as I will writing it’s posts.

A happy new year 2018 full of inventions and learning!