Senk ju vor … building AI … with Deutsche Bahn

Yesterday the Artificial Intelligence Meetup Frankfurt celebrated it’s first anniversary and was hosted by the Deutsche Bahn in the Silvertower in the heart of Frankfurt. I attended for the first time and was quite curious as there were more than 200 registered attendees – nearly twice as much as at the already very well developing SDC Meetups in Stuttgart.

The building was quite impressive. After strengthening ourselves Darren and Marten welcomed the around 150 attendees. 


These were the talks of this evening:

Human Science meet Data Science : Applied AI

We live in the age of algorithms. But what happens when number crunching fails to solve a company’s problems? A second data revolution is coming from observational data about how people in real contexts experience and interpret the world — we call this Thick Data. Listen to us on how we bring a Human Approach to AI with our solution ‘Insight to AI’ by combining the power of Big Data with the directionality of Thick Data
Speakers: Pramod Muralidharan & Andreas Wester Juni

High Efficiency Cancer Prevention by Deep Learning on the Blockchain

No therapy without diagnostics. Largely unnoticed, screening for cancer and the diagnostics from patient tissue material are still stuck in the analog world. Now AI is knocking at the front door and promises to shake-up medicine with its potential to standardise quality, to increase throughput and to distribute global access. Many questions appear like how to collect the necessary knowledge, how to team up humans and machines, and how to bring AI into practice. Some answers from our own projects are shown.
Prof. Dr. Niels Grabe

AI-based conversational interfaces for humans

Description: Technological advances in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) change the way how enterprises communicate with customers. This trend, also called Conversational AI, has been embraced by enterprises to enrich and simplify customer journeys by embedding intelligence at every touch point. Learn about the latest technological advances in Conversational AI and how this is creating opportunities for enterprises to become more personal and responsive. Our Chatbot demo shows a real world example of Conversational AI in action.
Speakers: Robbie de Coster

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The evening was really very satisfying and I can just recommend signing up for the next event in May right now.

All 3 talks showed quite impressively what’s already doable with AI today, from detecting cancer to a nearly human-like conversation with a bot to book the cheapest flight ticket to the country with the best weather in April for just 200$.

And next to all of this Darren Cooper gave me the chance for a short visit to theirs “Skydeck” one floor below where the “really cool shit” is invented at Deutsche Bahn and where I could get a short glimpse of theirs cutting edge developments around AI, natural language processing and computer vision, thanks Darren!

If you are interested in joining the Skydeck team you can visit them here: